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Balipadyami And Deepavali

The pious king Bali pleased the Lord of the World by his act of charity and became endeared to the world by that act and his kingdom on earth became a land of plenty on account of his charity. God waspleased by his act and became the guardian and protector of Bali's palace.

The day on which Bali gave charity to Vamanamurthy fell on the first day of the bright fortnight of Kartika, the month during which the Festival of Lights is celebrated. The next day after the Festival of Lights, celebrated on the New Moon day in the month of Ashwayuja,is called Balipadyami'. Hindus celebrate the day as a sacred festival. It is believed that gifts given on that day are dear to Bali and God. Men and women smear their bodies with oil and bathe, and wear new clothes on that day. In the central hall of every home, they draw beautiful figures with powder of rice in different colors and worship Bali and his wife Vindhyavali. They build seven forts out of clay or cowdung and worship king Bali. At night the thresholds of every home and temple are lighted with lamps in rows. Bali's kingdom is remembered and people shout with joy, "Let the ideal kingdom of Bali dawn at the earliest on earth."

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You are Here! Balipadyami And Deepavali
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