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The Lawyer

Having passed the first examination in law in 1883 Lala could practice as a muktiar (a minor lawyer). He had also to bear the burden of running the family. Eighteen- year-old Lalaji practiced in the revenue court of Jagrav town. After passing the Pleaders' Examination he came to Hissar in South Punjab and commenced practice as a lawyer.

He had no thought of making money in his profession and settling down comfortably. He wanted to devote his life to the service of his country. He wanted to read the biography of Mazzini, the brave revolu- tionary of Italy. He could not get a copy of the book in India. Lie wrote to a friend in England and got it. Mazzini's bravery, magnanimity and patriotism thrilled him.

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as he read about the past glory of India the boy shed tears
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