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Last Days

By 1939, Sangh Shakhas had been started in most of the provinces. Day and night,Doctorji struggled hard for expansion of the Sangh work throughout the length and breadth of the country. He traveled remaining totally unmindful of rain, sun, cold or floods.

He took in his stride both praise and abuse by the people. He faced fun and starvation with equanimity. He struggled hard against odds and crises. During a short span of 15 years, he successfully laid a sound foundation for Sangh work.

Such continuous and strenuous spate of activities naturally began to tell upon even his steel-like body. His health went on deteriorating. Often he suffered from chronic back pain. Fever would invade him suddenly. In January of 1940, he was taken to Rajgirh in Bihar for the hot-spring treatment.

By the time he returned from Rajgirh to Nagpur, the annual 'Sangh Shiksha Varg' training-camp had already begun.

Swayamsevaks from all the States were participating in that camp Doctorji desired to be close to them. Put his hands on their shoulders and talk to each of them. But due to burning fever, it became impossible for him even to move out of the bed. In spite of this, he gathered all his strength, went to the camp and spoke a few words before the Swayamsevaks, saying: "Today, I am seeing a mini-Bharat before me. Let there be no occasion in the life of any of you to say that you were once a Sangh Swayamsevak some years ago." This was his last message.

As days passed, his illness went on aggravating. He saw that he was not going to live much longer. He called Guruji -Madhav Sadashiv Golwalkar - near him and in the presence of others said to him, "Hereafter the entire responsibility of the work of the Sangh is on your shoulders."

On the morning of 21st June 1940, at the age of 51, Doctorji breathed his last. People from all walks of life and parties in Nagpur participated in his funeral procession in large numbers. His last rites were performed in Resham-bagh. Today there stands a lofty memorial dedicated to his memory. It has been a perennial source of inspiration to all that go there to pay their homage.

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