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Intolerant Of Egoists ; Friends Of Sufferers

Righteous indignation was a special -trait of Keshavrao. He was prompt to react to injustice or oppression of any kind. Once during the college vacation, he had gone to Yeotmal Keshavrao was on an evening stroll with his friends in the Civil Lines area. On the way they saw that a British Deputy Commissioner was approaching them. The British officers in those days were full of arrogance. An unwritten code required that the local people were to move away to make way for the British officers and salute them. This was intimated to Keshavrao by his friends. He, however, did not care and went ahead in the usual way without saluting.

The Deputy Commissioner came close, but Keshavrao remained passive. The former then had to move away him.

But how could the high-strung D.C. swallow such an insult? He turned back and burst out, "Don't you know the etiquette here?"

With his hands in his coat pockets, Keshavrao retorted, "What have I to do with the manner here? I come from the Capital City of Nagpur. Nothing like this is observed in Nagpur. And mind you, it's not proper to salute an unknown person." Seething with anger, the D.C. departed helplessly.

Keshavrao never tolerated any insult either to the nation or to national leaders. Once a public meeting was held under the chairmanship of Deshbhakta Moulvi Liyaqat Hussain. One of the speakers passed some disparaging remarks about Lokmanya Tilak. This was enough for Keshavrao to burst forth with indignation, He rushed to the dais and slapped the errant speaker in full public view!

Keshavrao was full of sympathy for those caught in any kind of distress. In 1913, river Damodar in Bengal was in spate. People, animals, homes, and huts were inundated under the floods. Keshavrao with his friends swung into action. They rushed to the spot for protecting the sufferers and bringing succor in their hour of travail. He served food to the hungry and spoke words of courage and confidence as they had lost all hopes about their life. Keshavrao busied himself day and night. No barriers of language or region stood in his way of service to the people.

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Keshava Baliram Hedgewar - Founder Of Rashtriya Swamyamsevak Sangh.
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