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"I Must Become His Disciple"

Karna grew up to be a boy. He was brighter than his friends, stronger and more determined. Even as a boy he liked bows and arrows. He was far ahead of others in archery and in marksmanship. Those who watched him were surprised. "He is so young, but already so intelligent and so sure of his aim!" they said.

Karna wished to improve his mastery of archery. He longed to become an outstanding archer and a great warrior. But he needed a teacher to train him, didn't he? He was looking for such a teacher.

Once when he was talking to somebody, the great Parashurama's name was mentioned. Karna asked:

"Who is Parashurama?"

"He is the son of the sage Jamadagni. Although a sage, he is an outstanding warrior.

"Who is Parashurama?"

"How is that?"

"He has gone round the whole country twenty-one times. No Kshatriya could vanquish him. When he lifts his bow the whole world trembles. He knows the intricacies of archery. Do you know what people say about him?"

"What do they say?"

"He is the very embodiment of the art of archery. He is God born on this earth to wipe out injustice."

When Karna heard this, admiration and respect for Parashurama grew in him. He wished to become the disciple of such a great man and learn archery only from him. But there was one nagging doubt: would Parashurama accept him as his disciple?

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