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Rama Obliged To Go In Exile to Forest

After sometime, Dasharatha felt that his end was near and thought of crowning Rama as the Yuvaraja to succeed him. He also thought of holding the crowning Rama immediately. He consulted his priests and local chieftains and getting their assent, sent for Rama and told him about his intention.

Rama obediently accepted his father's grace and told Lakshmana: "Enjoy yourself thoroughly as a Yuvaraja." He returned home and told his mother about the Emperor's decision.

Kausalyadevi was very pleased and at once proceeded with the auspicious rituals preceding the great event. Seeing this, Manthara, Kaikeyi's maid, asked a maid of Kausalya what the activity was all about and learnt about the crowning of Rama the next day. Manthara was till then thinking that Kaikeyi was adored most by Dasharatha and so Bharata would be chosen for the august royal office. Now, things had been upset. Heartbroken, she rushed to Kaikei and told the queen: "Your position is in jeopardy. The emperor has decided to bring Rama to the throne and is anointing him as the Yuvaraja tomorrow." When Kaikeyi said it was a happy thing, Manthara. replied: "0 my queen, when your interest is in peril, you are behaving as if you have struck great luck ! See, if Rama is crowned, what should happen to Bharata?" To this, Kaikeyi replied: "Rama is a nice lad. We need not have any fear."

Thereupon, Manthara persisted: "Rama is all right. But what about Kausalya? All along, you have looked upon her with jealousy. Do you think she will now allow you to live in peace and happiness?"

Hearing these words, Kaikeyi felt concerned. She said: "You are right, Manthara. What shall we do now to see at Bharata is crowned instead of Rama?" Then, Manthara said: "The Emperor greatly  Adores you. When he comes to you today, ask for a boon and when he agrees, demand that Rama is exiled to the woods for fourteen years and Bharata is crowned. Whatever he says, doesn’t relent. Rama will then go to the forest and Bharata will became the Yuvaraja, Your wish will be fulfilled." Kaikeyi accepted this advice.

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