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Lakshmana - Heroes' Hero

Lanka was an island. A bridge had to be built across the ocean to reach there The Bridge was constructed and the army under the leadership of Rama and Lakshmana, landed in Lanka.

The monkeys ('Vanaras') and the Rakashasas fought a fierce war. Rakshasa leaders died in the battle one after the other. Monkeys gave the enemy a heroic fight. When on occasion they had to retreat in the face of heavy attack of the Rakshasa, Rama and Lakshmana came forward, carried on the battle and protected their soldiers. In this,Lakshmana played a matching part to Rama's.

By then, Hanuman had realised that none could excel Rama and Lakshmana in heroism.

At one stage, Ravana's son Indrajit tied up the brothers with a magical weapon and they had to struggle very hard to free themselves.

Later, Indrajit decided to wage an illusive battle and as a prelude to it, began to perform a 'Yajna' (sacrifice) called 'Nikumbhila'.

Hearing this, Ravana's brother Vibhishana rushed to Rama and implored: "Please send Lakshmana with me. Indrajit should not allow completing the 'Yajna'. "Rama agreed and Lakshmana went and stopped it. Indrajit confronted them and denouncing Vibhishana, came to fight with Lakshmana. After a serious spell of fighting,Lakshmana finally drew out an arrow, endowed it with special power by chanting the necessary 'mantras' and saying "Dasharatha's son is my brother, Rama. He is a man of'Dharma' and 'Truth'. So, 0 arrow, go forth and kill that Ravana's son." The arrow flew off and killed Indrajit. Rama who invited to sit on his lap welcomed Lakshmana, returning after killing such a powerful enemy, with great affection.

At last Ravana himself came to battle. Seeing Vibhishana seated beside Lakshmana, Ravana, seething with anger, sent off a deadly 'shakti' missile to kill his brother. But Lakshmana intercepted and stopped it. Ravana roared: "So, you prevented a 'shakti' weapon intended to hit another person! All right, I am sending another for you?" So saying, he dashed off a missile called 'Ashtaghanta' to hit Lakshmana, who fell down unconscious. Rama was shocked thinking his brother might have been killed and lamented, "Why should I live after losing you? I too will die." But Sushena, the monkey's physician, examined Lakshmana and assured Rama: "He has not passed away. The very look on his face indicates he is alive." Sushena called Hanuman and asked him to bring a herb from Chandradrona mountain. Its contact would revive him, he said. Hanuman went and brought the herb, which was applied, to Lakshmana who woke and asked whether Ravana had been killed. When Rama said that task had to be accomplished thereafter, Lakshmana pleaded: "You have vowed to kill him. Do so." Rama fought Ravana in .a grim battle and killed him.

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Lakshmana -  Younger Brother Of Sri Rama, personifies brotherly love and self-effacement
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