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‘Atmiya Sabha’

The marriage of girls five or six years old.

Burning the wife with her dead husband whether she is willing or not.

Meaningless observance of festivals and worshipping for show.

The worship of several gods and ranking gods as high and low.

Rammohan was sick of these practices. He had a high regard for Hinduism. But he felt that the Hindus had yet to understand their religion correctly. There should be equality between men and women. People should give up superstitious beliefs.

Many of Rammohan’s friends accepted his line of thinking. An association of such close friends was formed. It was called ‘Atmiya Sabha’ (The Society of Friends). Religious discussion took place there. The members had to give up idol-worship. They had to spread the Society’s views on religion among the people.

Many scholars opposed Rammohan. Rammohan wrote articles in reply. The people read them and understood what was said in the sacred books.

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