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The Unbaked Pot

"Please let my cottage be sanctified with the dust of your feet," requested Gora the Potter with folded hands, inviting the circle of devotees to his house. They compliedwith his request and went to his place. He felt extremely happy and treated them with great love and hospitality. They were supremely pleased. When all of them were sitting together, Jnanadeva said, "Gora, can you tell me, whom of these pots in your house are backed and which are still unburnt, and wet?"

Gora understood what Jnanadeva had meant by this. He took a woodenplank, which was kept, for tapping a pot into shape. He then went on stroking every body's head with it. No one uttered a word. But when Namadeva was touched on the head he said, "Why do you beat me so on the head?"

At this Gora told Jnanadeva, "Only t pot is unburnt."

"Gora, you are an experienced hand. You have tested well," said Muktabai. All the saints began to laugh uproariously. Namadeva felt offended.

From there he went straight to Pandharapur. He was very much grieved to be told that he was still not a realized soul. Filled with sorrow for not being qualified to be in the company of such saints and for being so humiliated, he sat in the temple.

It is said that a remarkable thing happened then. Vitthala, seeing Namadeva so depressed, tried to cheer him up. Namadeva said, "I was insulted in Gora's house."

"Gora has rightly tested. One who does not surrender to Sadguru is an unbaked pot," said Vitthala.

This indeed was the last straw on the camel's back. Namadeva completely lost his poise.

"I came to you with the fond hope of getting relieved of my sorrow. But you too speak in the same way as they spoke! Where do I go now?"

"Where elso do you go? Go to a Sadguru and surrender to him. Then you will overcome this feeling of differences."

"0, my Lord, why do I need a Sadgu aren’t you enough for me?"

Then the Lord told him, "Namadeva, I too during my incarnation as Rama had bowed down to revered sage Vashishta taking him as my Guru and had gained spiritual knowledge from him. Next in myincarnation as Krishna I had taken revered Sandeepa as my Guru by earnestly appealing to him. If you were to take my suggestion and act accordingly, you will be honored by all the saints."

Namadeva made obeisance to the Lord and asked, "To whom shall I surrender?"

"There is one Visoba lying now in the temple of Mallikarjuna. He is a great Jnani. Go to him and win his fervors to be your Guru."

Hearing these words, Namadeva burst into tears. "0 my master, I can't leave you even for a moment."

"You must seek refuge in a Guru. That is the only way - right and proper," said Vitthala firmly. At this Namadeva left that place.

As suggested by Panduranga he w to the temple of Mallikarjuna.

There is also a story about the meeting of Namadeva with Visoba. Visoba Samba was lying on the floor with his feet resting on the Shivalinga. Seeing this shocking sight, Namadeva felt bad. He thought it was a bad omen. He awoke Visoba and said, "I hear that you are a great saint. Here you are resting your feet on the very God Shankara.

Is it proper?"

Visoba replied, "True, it is wrong. But I am too weak to get up. Can you please do me the favor of lifting my feet and placing them where there is no Shankara? Fruits of a good turn will be yours."

Namadeva lifted his feet and kept them on a place near by. Lo, what a wonder! There was a Shivalinga visible now under Visoba's feet. Namadeva got frightened as much as he was surprised. He once again changed the place to rest Visoba's feet. There again a Linga was seen. He then put Visoba's feet on still another place where again a Linga appeared underneath. In this way wherever he placed Visoba's feet, there appeared a Linga beneath! Namadeva realized that Shankara was everywhere and everything was Shankara. His egoism was effaced. He thought that he too was Shiva. "That was how", say the' devotees, "Namadeva realized the glory of his Guru Visoba."

One more story, which illustrates the intimacy between Namadeva and Panduranga Vitthala, goes like this. Once, after the usual greeting with an embrace Panduranga told Namadeva, "Ever since you got a Guru you have been gradually forgetting me."

"Now I have overcome the sense of duality. I do not see any difference between you and my Sadguru essentially," submitted Namadeva politely.

Thereafter Panduranga told the saints, "Now, you see, the pot has been completely burnt."

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