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The Stone Edicts Sing His Glory

Near Bhuvaneshwar there is a cave known as 'Hathigumpha' (the Elephant Cave). There is a stone edict in this cave. This is the only stone edict, which reveals some facts about Kharavela. The writing is in Prakrit. The last sentence may be translated into English as follows

'The very wealthy king, Kharavela, does good; he is a prosperous king, a king of the Sanyasis, a just king; one with extraordinary virtues and one whorespects all religions; he revived all temples and places of worship; he is the master of an army which cannot be defeated; he is a king who protected the wheel of justice (Dharma) and prospered, one who was born in the family of Rajarshi Vasu and was a great conqueror.'

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You are Here! The Stone Edicts Sing His Glory
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