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A Man Of Steel

Swamy Dayananda had a wonderful physique. When he was at Kasaganj an incident happened which showed his exceptional strength.

It so happened that two strong bulls were fighting in a street. Hundreds of people watched the fight from a distance, shivering with fear. The fight went on for quite some time but showed no signs of

coming to an end. Swamy Dayananda pushed through the crowd and walked up to the bulls. The people watching him ware terrified and shouted, "Swamiji, if you go near them, you won't return alive.

Come back!" But the Swamiji did not pay attention to them. He went towards t e bulls. Suddenly he took both the huge bulls by their horns and pushed them away with a tremendous force. Without looking back the bulls went away in different directions. The people near by were amazed at the superhuman strength of the obstinate sanyasi.

It was because of this superhuman physical strength that Dayananda could live for a month even after drinking deadly poison.

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Dayananda Saraswathi- The Great Sage, the Founder of the Arya Samaj.
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