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The Messenger Of Armed Revolution

The patriotism of Swamy Dayananda was not merely an effusion of words. He was also a man of heroic action. The War of Independence in 1857 was a failure. The Indian National Congress was born in 1885. Swamy Dayananda was one of the heroes who, after the 1857 failure, kept the love of freedom alive in the hearts of Indians till the Congress was founded. For this purpose he travelled throughout India. He tried to bring the princes of different states together and so he founded several

Branches of the Arya Samaj in places like Jodhpur, Udaipur and Shahpur, and many princes became his disciples. Swamy Dayananda was fully convinced that only an armed revolution could drive the British out of India. Therefore he sent a noted revolutionary, Shyamji Krishna Varma, to France, so that he might receive inspiration as well as training for his mission.

Arya Samaj and the gurukulas (homes of gurus wheredisciples stayed and received instruction)

shaped patriots and gave them training and inspiration for armed revolution. Swamy Shraddhananda, Bhai Parama- nanda, Lala Lajapat Ray and Lala Hardayal were Arya Samajists who openly fought to drive the British out of India. Famous young revolutionaries like Gendalal Dixit, Roshanial and Ramprasad Bismil were proud to call themselves Arya Samajists.

From the very beginning the British were suspicious of Swamy Dayananda. Therefore, a team of spies followed the Swamiji everywhere. It has been found that the British had a hand in the poisoning of the Swamiji at Jodhpur.

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Dayananda Saraswathi- The Great Sage, the Founder of the Arya Samaj.
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