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Grace of Guru Composition Of Songs

Saint Tukaram now felt that he should not live in the midst or people. He went to a cave situated west of the hillock Bhandari and began contemplation. In addition he began to study the songs composed by Jnaneshwar, Namadeva, Ekanatha and such as greated saints. By this study his inner self began to have solace. His mind blossomed like a flower. Songs began to dance on his tongue.

Yet, the inner grief was making him languish. He had still not been granted the grace of the teacher. ON account of this, Tukaram’s heart was agitated.

Thus being greatly disturbed and muttering, one night he went to sleep. While sleeping Pandharinnatha himself appeared, caressed him and appeared to say: "Tukaram, do not grieve. You will be initiated by Baba Chaitanya." Accordingly Baba Chaitanya blessed saint Tukaram at an auspicious moment on Thursday, tenth day of the month of Magha. The same day, from his inner self came out the songs of piety. The treasury of Marathi language was enriched.

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