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"Duty First"

Chatrpati Shivaji Majharaj came to know that in his kingdom there was a famouse saint, a person free from all wordly desires. Immediately he sent some ministers, public men and royal entourage to bring him in a procession with umbrella and fans and seated on a chariot.

The town was filled with joy. Jeejabai was overjoyed. " What more are we likely to need in future! We have the patronage of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Goddess Sarvamangala did not let us down finally. "So saying, she went inside the house, lit the lamp and prostrated.

As the retinue of the Maharaj approached his house Tukaram was surprised. "How highly has the Chatrapati honoured by sending his tetinue to the house of an ascetic like me! The majharaja’s magnanimity, piety and aid are noble." When he was thinking, the ministers arrived, place excellent clothing at this feet and invited him to the place.

The ascetic smiled and said: "Why does an ascetic need a bungalow of these clothes? Please take them and return them to the Maharaja."

"Wait, wait; You should not reject wealth which ahs come to your doorstep. Honourable ministers are giving those clothes," said Jeejabai coming forward.

"By beggary or gifts from the people our poverty will not end. Only if Lord Vittala himself grants it, will we be satisfied. Don’t aspire for this," said he. The ascetic blessed and said: "Gentlemen, return these gifts and books of songs to the Maharaja and convey my thanks."

Shivaji Maharaj read the songs sent with Tukaram’s blessings, and was overjoyed. He kept them on his head and danced with joy. "Today I am blessed my country is blessed," so saying, he himself went to meet that great saint.

Without any previous intimation Chatrapti Shivaji Maharaj came to meet the saint. He prostrated at the feet of the great renouncer, devotee, philanthropist Tukaram and requested: "By accepting the small gift of this devotee, you must please bless him."

In view of the diamonds, opals, pearls, gems, numerous types of clothing put in gold vessels and offered to hi, Jeejabai’s mind began to be excited. She felt like running forward and grabbing them. Meanwhile Tukaram said: "O! Maharaj, of what use are these diamonds and opals to a poor ascetic? If they are held in the Maharaja’s treasury, the poor will benefit. The kindom will prosper. People will become reghteous."

With great respect Shivaji Maharaja Prayed: "For your worshipping God at least take four villages as a present. This is my humble offering."

Maharaj, do not worry about me. Poor medicants may live somehow. Decaying Hindu morality, the growth of India and salvation have to be your concern. This is the wish of Lord Vittala also. Achieve it. This is the gift I seek."

On hearing these words of Tukaram the Maharaja’s inner renunciation glowed. The affairs of state were unwanted. He wished to attain his object by serving the ascetic.

ON hearing shivaji Maharaj’s intention, Tukaram said: " Duty is better than penance. Failure to do one’s duty results in loss of what life stands for now or after death. Therefore continue your rule of the kingdom more actively," said the solemnly.

To Tukaram who remainded him of his duty Shivaji bowed and said, "Let me have your kind blessings. I will go to my palace to day not as a king but as a servant of the people."

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