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Prayer to Lakshmi

There is a Vedic verse by name 'Srisukta.' It comprises invocation and prayer to Lakshmi devi. This is recited while worshipping. If we understand themeaning of a few expressions in Srisukta, we will know Lakshmi's appearance, nature and greatness.

'Hiranyavarnam': Lakshmi is of the color of gold. 'Padmavarnam': of the color of a lotus. 'Adityavarne': Lakshmi is brilliant like the sun. 'Padmavarne': Lakshmi's face is beautiful like a lotus. 'Padmadalayatakshi': her eyes are broad and beautiful as petals of a lotus. 'Padmamalineem': one wearing a garland of lotus flowers. 'Sarasijanilaye': one residing on a lotus flower. 'Sarasijahaste': one holding a lotus in her hand.

From this it is evident that Lakshmi loves a lotus flower. Therefore 'Padmapriye' (one who loves the lotus flower) is stated in Shrisukta. She is 'Dhavalataramshuka gandhamalya shobhe': wearing clean white clothes and scented flower garlands. What does Lakshmi's greatness consist in? She is 'Prajanam bhavani mata' (mother of all people), 'Vishwapriye' (one who loves the universe). A devotee prays to her thus: 
'Pradurbhootosmi Rashtresmin Kirtivriddhim dadatu me' (I am a citizen born in this country. Grant me fame and wealth). 'Vasa me grihe'(Reside in my house).Ayushmantam Karotu me' (Enable me to live long).

It is said thus of the benefit obtained by reciting Shrisukta and getting the grace of Lakshmidevi:'Na krodho na cha matsaryam na lobho na shubha matih' (they do not get angry. Devoid of envy, not greedy, they do not think evil). In addition those who praise Lakshmi live long. Their health is good. They will lead a glorious life. Such and other benefits are derived, it is stated, from praying to Lakshmi.

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