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Brihaspati was very clever. He met the demons, managed cleverly to bring about friendship between them and the gods and arranged to make them churn the milky sea. The demons agreed in the hope of getting ambrosia and wealth. They all gathered, carried the Mandara Mountain and dipped it in the sea of milk. They tied Vasuki, the king of snakes, as a rope. The demons at one end and gods at the other end held Vasuki and commenced churning the sea. At that time the Mandara Mountain sank into the sea. Then Narayana took the body of a boar and brought to the surface the Mountain, which was at the bottom of the sea. Mandara was hoisted on the back of the boar and was floating. While churning Thus, first 'Kalakuta,' a dreadful poison, was produced. Everybody was frightened by its fierceness. Then, as 
requested by the gods, Shiva was pleased to drink that poison. The black colour of the poison left a mark on Shiva's neck. Therefore Shiva was named 'god with a black spot on the neck'. In otherworlds Lord Shiva got an another name; ie - Neelakanta.

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