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There was a king by name Bhishmaka in the kingdom of Vidharbha. He had five sons by name Rukmi, Rukmaratha, Rukmabahu, Rukmakesha and Rukmamali. Sriman Narayana was born for killing Kamsa and with a view to establishing righteousness. When he was thus born as Krishna, Lakshmi was born as Rukmini,
daughter of Bhismaka. She was beautiful and virtuous. Father Bhishmaka was not only god-fearing but had also great respect for Sri Krishna. He thought of giving Rukmini in marriage to Sri Krishna.

But Bhishmaks’s first son Rukmi did not agree to it. He had joined a gang of wicked men formed by Shishupala and others. He brought pressure on his father to give sister Rukmini in marriage to Shishupala. As Rukmi was hating Sri Krishna he did not agree to have the relationship. Bhishmaka was not bold enough to ignore his advice.

Rukmini's marriage with Shishupala was fixed. But Rukmini, having heard of Sri Krishna's good character and greatness, had mentally accepted him as herhusband. She sent a messenger to Dwaraka with the message that she would marry Krishna; and if that is not possible, she would give her life.

Sri Krishna had already heared ofRukmin's character, virtue and beauty. He wished to marry her. Therefore, he immediately boarded a chariot and came to Bhishmaka's town. Balarama came to know that Sri Krishna went alone. Instantly he followed with a large army to help his brother.

In the capital of Vidarbha all arrangements were being made for Rukmini's marriage. Shishupala had arrived with his friends Jarasandha, Salva, Paundraka and others. Balarama and Krishna also joined. Balarama had stationed his army far away outside the city.

After sometime the marriage rituals commenced. Rukmini went with her entourage to the temple to worship Gowri. She worshipped Gowri and prayed: "Let only Sri Krishna become my husband." She was not aware of Sri Krishna's having come to the town. She was worried about what would happen. Rukmini completed
worship of Gowri and came out of the temple. Instantly Sri Krishna brought his chariot, made her mount it and drove away towards Dwaraka. Jarasandha and others, when they came to know of this incident became angry and went after Sri Krishna. A terrible war was fought. Krishna and Balarama defeated all and set out to

Thereafter the marriage of Sri Krishna and Rukmini was celebrated grandly at Dwaraka. Rukmini was the senior queen. Pradyumna is Rukmini's son.

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