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The War

Preparations were afoot for the war with Ravana. The monkey army marched towards Lanka with great enthusiasm. Hanumantha and Angada carried Rama and Lakshmana respectively on their shoulders.

After Hanumantha left Lanka, Vibheeshana tried to advise his elder brother Ravana. But was Ravana a person to listen to wise counsel? So, Vibheeshana left him and surrendered to Rama. There were heated arguments whether Vibheeshana should be accepted or not. Shri Rama turned to Hanumantha for his opinion. The latter said, "My Lord, allow me to say one thing. I have carefully watched Vibheeshana'sface and listened to his voice when he was speaking.He has no deceit or evil intention. I think YOU can accept him. But with your matchless intelligence, only you can finally decide what you should do with Vibhee- shana." Finally Shri Rama gave shelter to Vibheeshana and his followers.

The Vanara army built a bridge across the sea. Lanka was to be seiged. The war between Rama and Ravana began.

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