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'If One Hanumantha Is Alive . . . . I

Hanumantha's valor rose sky-high in this war. He dashed rakshasas to the ground or whirled them and threw them up. He crushed to death many a rakshasa hero like Dhoomraksha and Akampana. The
enemies trembled at his very sight. Anjaneya fought so valiantly that Ravana himself praised him as a real hero. Hanu- mantha carried Rama on his shoulders when Rama had to fight with Ravana.

Ravana's son Indrajithu was a great hero of the rakshasa army. He once shot the Brahmasthra, the terrible missile with the power of Lord Brahma, the God of Creation. The whole Vanara army fell down
unconscious. Even Rama and Lakshmana fainted. Hanumantha who had also fainted for a moment, got up and going round the battlefield with Vibheeshana, put courage into his soldiers with his words. While walking along, Vibheeshana saw the old Jambavantha and spoke to him. The latter opened his eyes slowly and asked, "Vibheeshana, is Hanumantha alive?"

Vibheeshana was amazed and said, "Revered Jambavantha, you do not ask about Rama and Lakshmana or about Sugreeva, Angada or Neela. But you ask about Hanumantha only; why?"

"Vibheeshana, if that one great hero is alive, even if the entire Vanara army is dead, it makes no difference. But if that one person is dead, our army is as good as dead. We can hope to live only as long as he is alive." So replied Jambavantha.

Hanumantha, who was standing quite near and heard these words, held his feet with respect and devotion, and mentioning his own name, said he was alive. Then Jambavantha said to him, "You have now
to do a mighty task to bring our army to life. You have also to save Rama and Lakshmana who have fainted because of the Brahmasthra. Fly across the ocean and over a great distance till you reach the
Himalaya mountains. You will there see a mountain containing all herbs. There grow the herbs Mritha Sanjeevini,Vishalyakarani, Savarnakarani and Sandhanakarani. Fetch them at once and save these soldiers.

Immediately Hanumantha flew towards the Himalayas with the speed of thought. He could also see the mountain. But as soon as the herbs understood of his purpose, they disappeared. Hanumantha searched for them and, when he could not find the herbs, threatened the mountain itself in his terrible anger. "See what I will do to you," he said, and shaking the very mountain flew back with it to Lanka. As he streaked across the sky with the mountain it appeared as if the very sun was flying towards Lanka.

The very smell of those herbs was enough to make Rama, Lakshmana and the whole army recover and sit up. The rakshasas did not want the enemy to know how many on their side had died; so, obeying Ravana's orders, they had thrown their dead into the sea. So no rakshasa could come back to life. Having achieved his purpose, Hanumantha flew back with the mountain to its place, put it there, and hurried again to the battlefield.

After the war was over, Hanumantha entered Lanka and stood before Seetha and told her of the victory. Seetha was speechless for a moment with joy. Then she said that there was no fitting reward she could give to Hanumantha who had brought such happy tidings.

"The words you have spoken with such affection are more precious than any heap of diamonds or the divine kingdom. I have seen Rama victorious. What greater fortune can I ask for!" Hanumantha replied.

Rama had now to return to Ayodhya. But he had some doubts. Bharatha had ruled over the kingdom for fourteen years. So he might wish to be the king. How could he find out? Even if Bharatha had that desire, he would not say so. And nobody could ask him. Some intelligent person should make it out from Bharatha's face and the way he spoke, and should then inform Rama. It was a difficult mission, which would need much shrewdness and a capacity to understand persons.

Who was to go?

There was only one person whom every one remembered when there was a difficulty to be overcome, when courage and intelligence was needed. And that was Anjaneya!

Shri Rama, of course, sent for Hanumantha.

He told him, "If Bharatha has the slightest wish to be king and does not want me to return, come and tell me.I will stay on here. You must carefully observe his expression and study his words and find out."

Hanumantha assumed the shape of a man and went to Ayodhya and informed Bharatha of Rama's arrival. Bharatha fainted with joy. When he recovered he said, "0 greatest of men, I do not know whether you are a man or a god. I must reward you for bringing this glad news."

Shri Rama returned to Ayodhya. His coronation took place with greatsplendour. Rama gave priceless gifts to all hisfriends. He also gave an invaluable necklace and ornaments to Seethadevi. But she remembered the great help of Hanumantha and gave them to him. She even took off the necklace and looked at Rama. Shri Rama read her mind and said, "Devi, do please give the necklace to the person who has brought you immense joy and in whom valour, ability, courtesy and wisdom are embedded for ever." At once, she gave necklace to Hanumantha

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Seethadevi presented her necklace to Hanumantha
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