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Where Is Seetha?

Lanka was a city of great splendor. The eyes could feast endlessly on its beauty and wealth. It was full of grand buildings and lovely gardens. But Hanumantha's all-important task was to find Seetha. So, he did not pay much attention to the beauty of the city. He searched for Seetha in the mansions of important rakshasa leaders like Kumbhakarna. She was nowhere to be seen. Then he entered the palace of Ravana himself. And lo! What riches, what beauty and what grandeur I Hanumantha was dazed. He searched in all the nooks and corners of the palace but did not see Seetha.

Hanumantha's anxiety grew. Rama and Sugreeva would be waiting with the belief that he would surely bring news of Seetha. What answer could he give them? He thought he should not lose hope and went
on, with his search with renewed effort.

But Seetha was nowhere to be seen.

Hanumantha was very much disturbed. Had she fallen into the sea on the way to Lanka? Or, had her heart burst at the sight of the vast ocean? Or perhaps Ravana had eaten her as she did not marry him? Thoughts swarmed into his mind.

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