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"Look At My Work"

He was a very simple man and shy. Not much is known of his personal life. An introvert and without pride, he mingled freely with others. But he never spoke of himself and did not want to be praised. He hated precept that differed from practice. He practiced what he believed.

Once a friend of his called Dorai Singh decided to write his biography and requested Coomaraswamy to give him a detailed account of his life. But Coomaraswamy did not agree. He wrote to his friend, "I want to remain in the shadow. In stead of writing about me, write about my books. Assess my books. That is enough. I am a worshipper of Indian culture and accordingly I believe that writing a man's biography is not conductive to his salvation. I believe so. This is not a show of modesty, it is the principle of my life".

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Dr. Ananda K.Coomaraswamy- He dedicated his life to the study and exposition of Indian Culture and arts
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