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"I Speak As A Father"

In a day or two kings Shantanu went to Dasharaja. He told him that he wished to marry Satyavati.

Dasharaja was surprised. What was he before the king? Was it possible the king would marry his daughter? What could he say?

Shantanu himself helped him. He gave him an assurance. He said, "Tell me whatever you have in your mind. Do not fear just because I am the king. Think of me as a relative."

Dasharaja felt free to speak. He said, "Great king, you are a good man. I shall gladly give you my daughter. But you have a son who is grown up. He is the Yuvaraja, and is looking after the kingdom."

King Shantanu said, "But how that matter?"

Dasharaja's mouth went dry. With great difficulty he said, "Great king, Satyavati is my daughter. I have to think of her prosperity. What will happen to her son? The Yuvaraja will become the king, will he not?"

Shantanu was taken aback when heil heard these words. Dasharaja said, If my daughter's son can become the king, I will agree. I shall gladly give you my daughter in marriage. Please do not be angry with me. I beg of you, forgive me. I am the father of the girl."

Shantanu's mind was divided. He was charmed by the beauty of Satyavati and was very eager to marry her. But, at the same time, he could not harm his beloved son Devavrata of whom he was so proud. So, he thought over Dasharaja's words for a long time. Then he said firmly, "Dasharaja, I am proud of my son Devavrata. I cannot be his enemy." So saying, he left the place at once. His heart was with Satyavati.

Shantanu gave up the hunt and returned to Hastinavati. He was worried. So his face grew pale and he fell ill. He spent his time all alone, and would speak to no one.

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