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My Father Must Be Happy

Devavrata saw that his father was always sad. He, too, was worried. He went to his father. He touched his feet, and Shantanu greeted him with great love.

Devavrata said, "Father, you are a just ruler; you have always followed truth and justice. You are a strong king. There is no fear of war as long as you are on the throne. The people are very happy. What sorrow then crushes you? Tell me, I beg of you."

Shantanu sighed deeply and said,

"Devavrata, do not think of it. I have so ruled that the world approves, I have so lived that God approves."

A new thought troubled Devavrata. Had he himself done anything that had made his father unhappy? Like a child he begged his father: "Father, have I done wrong? Tell me, if I have, I shall correct myself. I shall punish myself and beg forgiveness of you."

Shantanu was deeply moved. He said, "My son, you are my life. You are a learned man. You will never do wrong. You are brave and strong; but you never harm any one unjustly. The people love and honor you as they love and honor me. How can I find fault with you?"

Devavrata could not understand his father's sorrow. He saw Shantanu was hiding something - but what?

Devavrata came away from his father. He sent for his father's charioteer. From him he learnt all that had happened. 'My father's happiness alone is important. I shall sacrifice anything for him', he said.

Devavrata went to Satyavati's father.

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