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The Burdens of All on his Shoulders

So Satyavati became King Shantanu's wife. Bhishma's joy knew no bounds, for he had made his father happy.

Bhishma went to Satyavati. With folded hands he said, "Mother, you are like my mother Gangadevi to me. I am yours to command. Pray, do not hesitate. I shall gladly obey your wishes."

Satyavati was immensely pleased. She said, "My son, I know you are devoted to Truth." Satyavati and Shantanu left the kingdom to the care of Bhishma, and lived happily. Satyavati gave birth to two sons called Chitrangada and Vichitravirya.

But after sometime Shantanu died. Satyavati was plunged in grief. She entrusted her two sons to the care and protection of Bhishma. He accepted the responsibility as a sacred duty. Bhishma trained his brothers in learning and statecraft.

Chitrangada came of age. Bhishma went to Satyavati and said, "Mother, Chitrangada grown enough to be the ruler. If you permit he can be crowned."

Satyavati answered, "My son, my boys are entirely under your care. Their welfare is in your hands. Make Chitrangada King, if you wish."

So Chitrangada was crowned. When Chitrangada took over the reins of the kingdom, Bhishma said to him, "Brother, you are intelligent and strong. Be good and virtuous like your father." Chitrangada followed Bhishma's advice. He ruled the kingdom justly under the 'guidance of Bhishma. But he was not destined to rule long. He once went to fight with enemies and died on the battlefield. Satyavati was miserable. Bhishma was again true to his word; with Satyavati's consent he put Vichitravirya on the throne.

Vichitravirya was now of age and was to be married. Bhishma thought that the three daughters of the king of Kashi should marry him. So with Satyavati's consent he went to Kashi.

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