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Gentle Humour

Nandalal Bose liked laughter. He did not want laughter that hurts. Once he asked one of his students, "Why is the first of April called All Fools' Day?' Poor fellow, he did not know. Then Bose said, "I too' do not know. So both of us are fools."

On another occasion Mukul Dey and Rabindranath Tagore became the objects of his friendly joke. Those were days when people were very fond of articles made in foreign countries. Bose gave a bottle of ink to Mukul Dey and said it had been made in Japan. Mukul Dey gave it to Rabindranath Tagore. Tagore used it to write a poem welcoming Bose. No mark appeared on the paper! Mukul Dey imagined that the ink would become visible after sometime.

Finally Nandalal Bose revealed that it was only carbon, and it was given to pull his leg. The situation became all the funnier because Tagore had used Chinese paper (and hand made, at that!) with golden edges and pictures on the borders. When he came to know what had happened, Bose felt embarrassed.

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