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A Great Personality

Nandalal Bose retained his simplicity and gentleness till the end. He attended the daily prayer at Visvabharati. But he was always in the last row.

Nandalal Bose created a world of his own in his forty years of painting. It is as vast and deep as his personality. How much water can we drink from a lake? How many flowers can we pluck in a garden?

How many twinkling stars can we count? Nandalal Bose's personality and works are beyond measurement and comprehension.

Bose was like the Kamadhenu of Indian legends. (Kamadhenu was a cow, which granted whatever one desired.) If anyone asked him for a painting, he gave it away. His works have spread far and wide like his fame. Some of them have been lost. Once a ship bound for London carrying a number of Bengali paintings sank and all the paintings were lost. Among them were some which were very dear to Bose. This loss made him very sad.

His 'Sati' was printed in Japan and became very famous.

Nandalal Bose loved the early hours of the morning. One bit ofadvice he often gave his pupils was: " ' there is no time like the early morning to draw your pictures."

Nandalal Bose used to get up at 3 in the morning. He would read works like the Geetha. And then with a bag in hand, he would go for the morning walk. All through the walk his eyes would be busy. "Ah! How wonderful is this pebble! How wonderful is this bead!" He would put them in his bag. He used to collect lovely little things, like a small boy. He had named the bag 'the one-lakh-rupee-bag'.

If he saw pieces of glass or nail on the ground he would throw them away lest they should hurt little children.

How could people not love such tender man?

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