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To Indraprastha and Back

After a few months, Krishna took Subhadra and Abhimanyu back to Indraprastha with great pomp. The boy grew up as everybody's darling in the palace.

Abhimanyu’s education began as soon as he grew up into a little lad. The art of warfare, so necessary for a prince, was also taught. His father Arjuna was the world-famous archer; his uncle Bheemasena was such a fighter with the mace that the enemies trembled with great fear. So Abhimanyu’s military education was perfect and complete.

But suffering came when he still a young boy, Dhritarashtra was the uncle of the Pandavas. He was blind. He had a hundred sons. Duryodhana was the eldest. Dusshasana was one of his younger brothers. The brothers were called the Kauravas. They hated the Pandavas. They were trying somehow to seize the kingdom of the Pandavas and get rid of them. Duryodhana invited Yudhishthira to a game of dice and won by deceit. According to the conditions of the contest, Yudhishthira had to give up his 'Kingdom for thirteen years. He and his brothers had to live for twelve years in the forest and live incognito (that is, unknown to anybody and unrecognized) during the thirteenth year. If anybody recognized them during that last year, they had again to spend twelve years in the forest and live incognito for one year.

The Pandavas, who had lived in splendor as kings, now started for the forest. Draupadi was their wife. She and her children went with them. So did Subhadra and young Abhimanyu.

Shri Krishna went to see them when they were in the forest. They had lost their kingdom and suffered dishonor and were in great sorrow. Krishna consoled them and took Subhadra and Abhimanyu with him to Dwarka.

Abhimanyu's training as a warrior continued in Dwarka. If one of his uncles was Shri Krishna himself, the other uncle was Balarama, the teacher of the mighty Bheema; Balarama made Bheema the master of the mace. What more was needed? Krishna taught Abhimanyu the use of many different types of weapons. In battles, soldiers were arranged in various formations to halt the advance of the enemies. Such an arrangement was called a 'Vyooha'. Among them were different types like the Makaravyooha and the Chakravyooha. It was very difficult to break these and get inside, or to come out of them. Krishna taught Abhimanyu the art of entering them. Balarama taught him Gadayuddha.

Several years passed. The Pandavas still lived in the forest. Subhadra was spending her days in sorrow, waiting for the end of Arjuna’s exile. She had only one consolation: Abhimanyu was growing up as a brave boy, a feast to the eyes of all who saw him.

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