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Marriage with Uttara

Twelve years passed and the forest-life of the Pandavas ended. They had to spend one more year somewhere without being recognized by anybody. They went to the court of a king called Virata. They disguised themselves in different ways and found employment. The brave Pandavas had lived in splendor; their wife Draupadi was the daughter of King Drupada and herself the Queen of Indraprastha; they all had now to spend a year as other people's servants! What sorrow and insult had they to bear! Arjuna disguised himself as a dance teacher and taught Uttara, King Virata's daughter. At the end of the year, the Pandavas revealed their identity. One morning they appeared in the king's court in their true forms. Virata was surprised, happy, and also sad that such great persons had worked as servants in his palace. He implored Arjuna to marry Uttara.

Arjuna said that he was quite aged, and, moreover, Uttara was his disciple. He suggested that she should marry his son Abhimanyu. King Virata agreed.

Virata's representatives went to Dwarka taking with them jewellery and other auspicious things. Yudhishthira and Arjuna also sent their representatives to Krishna and Balarama, requesting them to give consent to the wedding and to come and bless the couple. The palace at Dwarka was filled with joy and enthusiasm. Subhadra was overwhelmed with happiness--her husband's exile was over and her son was getting married! Uttara became the wife of brave Abhimanyu on an auspicious day.

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