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The Will Of Maruthi

The reputation of Goswami Tulasidas was not limited to Kashi only. It spread all over North India. Many Muslims also became Tulasidas's followers and worshipped Rama. There is a story associated with Emperor Jahangir. The fame of Tulasidas reached the ears of Jahangir. He wanted to see Tulasidas.

When Tulasidas visited Agra, the emperor invited him and treated him with great respect.

The emperor said, "I hear that you perform miracles. Let me see a miracle."

Tulasidas modestly replied, "I don't perform miracles. All powers belong to Sri Rama."

The emperor was stubborn. He said, "I won't let you go until you show me a miracle." He imprisoned him in the fort of Salimgad (Gwalior). 'Everything is Anjaneya's will,' said Tulasidas and sat down with folded hands.

All of a sudden a band of monkeys burst into the palace. They rushed into the queens' apartment and caused great havoc. They were not afraid of even the soldiers. It was only after Tulasidas was released that the emperor was free from their menace.

From that time Tulasidas and his followers were never troubled by the emperor.

So goes a story.

Historians say that, during this period, Tulasidas wrote 'Satsai' - a book of 700 verses.

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