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‘ Is there another fool like me? Entangled in the love of my wife, I forgot Lord Rama and I have just wasted all my time! Never again shall I forget Sri Rama and never shall I think of woman. Sri Rama is everything to me. ‘ So resolving, Tularam became ‘Tulasidas" from that day.

What his mater had been saying in his discourses came back to his mind: ‘Sri Rama is all merciful and all-powerful. He is so magnanimous that he will never forsake his devotees.’

-Well, then swill Sri Rama forsakes me?

Tulasidas’s, mind was made up. He now traveled to Chitrakoota.

On his way he visited many holy places. He was in the company of devotees and saints.

What worry could an ascetic have? Where he halts is his town, where he rests is his home. The devotees of Rama are his relations. The earth is his bed and the sky is the roof.

Tulasidas formed a brotherhood of the devotees of Rama. He sand and composed songs. He wrote books and preached to people.

Though he was learned in Sanskrit, he composed poetry in the languages the people spoke. They were only different dialects of Hindi used in North India. He wrote for the common man and not for the learned, it was in the languages actually used by the people that he gave talks and discourses glorifying Bhakti.

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