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Immortal Poet

Tulasidas showed the way of Bhakti. It is a good way of life even today. The characters he has sketched such as .Sri Rama, Lakshmana, Bharata, Seetha, Anjaneya, Vibheeshana, Jatayu, Guha and Sugreeva are ideal figures of Hindu culture. We should rejoice that such a great poet and a saint of such high order as Goswami Tulasidas was born in this country, and lived and carried on his mission here.

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Tulasidas - The great poet who compsed the 'Ramacharitamanasa
About Tulasidas
The Age Of Tulasidas
Forsaken By His Own Father
The Guru
Marriage And Renunciation
The Path Of Bhakti
The Meeting With Anjaneya
Sri Rama And Lakshmana

'Ramacharita- manasa'

A Challenge
The Will Of Maruthi
Krishna And Rama Are One
A Great Man
You are Here! Immortal Poet
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