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Anger, Perseverance, Constructive Work and Kindness

It appears that anger and perseverance are the two most important qualities that stand out in Ambedkar’s life. This is true from one point of view. The Hindus had called some people ‘untouchables’ and treated them very unjustly. This went on for hundreds of years. Ambedkar struggled hard to strengthen his people; he knew that those who are weak are bound to suffer. Once he said,"Goats are sacrificed, not lions.’ He attacked like lightening those who practised injustice. He opposed the British, he opposed the Hindu that were victims of the past, he opposed even Gandhiji, he opposed the Government of free India; he brought justice to the ‘untouchables’. At times his own life was in danger; but he gave no thought to it.

It is important to notice another aspect of his Himalayan personality. He was very learned. At school he was not allowed to study Sanskrit, but later in life he did learn Sanskrit. As the president of the people’s Education Society he opened a number of schools and colleges; as a result people of backward classes could get education.

He spent some days in Aurangabad. He saw that there were no plants or trees in the bit compound of the college. He said that any one who wanted to meet him should plant a sapling; otherwise he (Ambedkar) would not see him. In a few days more than a hundred saplings appeared inside the compound. Once in front of a hostel he saw shrubs. He himself began to clean the ground with a pick-axe and shovel.

The root of his anger was kindness. It is no wonder that at the end he turned to Buddha, ‘the ocean of compassion’. His heart melted in pity when he saw those who, born as men, lived worse than animals, without the respect and the justice every man should receive. That is why he opposed ‘untouchability’. He felt that men need Dharma. "Food alone is not enough. Man has a mind, which also requires food. Dharma gives man hope and makes him active" he said. There was an old man among his followers. Once he went to Ambedkar. He said he had made avow to God and he begged for Ambedkar’s permission to carry out the vow. Ambedkar said with a smile, "Who told you that I have no faith in God? Go, do as you wish." Once an old lady knocked at his door at early in the morning. Weeping, she said, "My husband is very sick. I tried for 12 hours to admit him to the hospital. They said that there was no room in the hospital." Ambedkar himself went with her and admitted her husband to the hospital.

Once, when Dr. Ambedkar resigned as Principal, a boy came to him crying. He was a Brahmin boy. He was very poor. He had a scholarship for two years. He was doubtful whether he would get it during the last year of his stay. Ambedkar was grieved at his story. He comforted him. He made him sit with him for food. Then he gave him fifty rupees. He patted him on his back and said "if you are in trouble again, come and tell me."

When Ambedkar himself was in poor health, he heard that his gardener was not well. He took another man with him and, using a stick for support, went to see the gardener. "Who will look after my wife, if I should die?" – this thought troubled the gardener. Ambedkar comforted him. He said "Do not cry, everyone has to die one day or the other. I too have to die one day. Be brave. I will send you medicine. You will be all right." He sent the medicine.

The very next day Ambedkar died in his sleep.

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