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A Pilgrimage to the West

Nivedita’s school was just limping on for want of funds. Even to draw pupils was arduous enough; where was the question of collection any fee ? And the problem was to run the school and have enough left just to support her life. Would it be proper to go to the west in order to collect the funds needed for her work here? She sought the Master’s advice and was relieved to find that he gave her his hearty approval. Nivedita sailed for Europe in the middle of June 1899.

From the Europe she went to America. Her Original aim was just to raise enough funds for her small school. But, upon her arrival in America, she found that the urgent task was to educate the Americans about India and her glorious culture.

A Great deal of false and malicious propaganda had been carried on against India and her religions by some Christian missionaries who had grown extremely jealous of the tremendous impact on the west of Swami Vivekananda’s powerful address at the Parliament of Religions and of the growing popularity of Hinduism, especially of the Vedanta, not only in America but in Europe. They had been systematically painting a totally misleading picture of India by blowing up her poverty, ignorance and superstition out of all proportion. These evil doings of so called men of religion were, she felt, an outrage against Christ himself. Like the Master, she went on a whirlwind tour of the states and addressed huge gatherings in all the principal towns and cities in order to educate the Americans about the real state of India at the time, the greatness of her past, the sublimity of her cultural and spiritual heritage and above all, the true causes of the present degradation. She was a gifted orator. She had steeped in India’s history, her religions and her scriptures. In living words, charged with truth and invigorated by her sincerely, she dipicted India in vivid colours. The audience felt a deep regret that they had let themselves be totally misled by pious frauds. They were thankful to Nivedita for revealing to them the very soul of India.

She had succeeded in making America realise that India’s degradation was essentially due to their long subjection to foreign rule. But she had not gained substantial success in raising funds for her school and for her other work in India.

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