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Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, the god-man of Dakshineswar, was the Guru of Swami Vivekananda. He had passed away in 1886. He had passed away in 1886. His saintly wife, Sri Sharada Devi, whom all the pramahamsa's devotees revered as the Holy Mother, blessed them all, and inspired them to noble endeavor and heroic achievement.

Margaret had an irresistible longing to meet the Holy Mother. But she had her own apprehensions. Would the Mother, who had been brought up in the traditions of Hindu orthodoxy, receive her and her comrades who were not only foreigners but Miechchas, or members of an alien faith? But Sri Sharada Devi was the very embodiment of love and scantily. She received Margaret, Sarah Bull and Macleod as her own children.

The 25th of March f1898 was for Margaret the holiest and most unforgettable day of her life. That was the day on which her Guru dedicated her to God and to the service of India.

It was a Friday. Swami Vivekananda took all there of them to the Math, Leading Margaret into the shrine, he taught her how to worship Lord Shiva according to the prescribed ritual. He then asked her to offer worship, unaided. To be invested by the Master himself with the authority to perform the rites of worship was a unique privilege, a matchless blessing. Margaret was in ecstasy. The Swamiji then initiated her ceremonially into the order of celibacy. He gave her the name of 'Nivedita', which means 'the Dedicated One'. He commanded her to place lotus flowers at the feet of Lord Buddha. Then, in tremulous voice, he gave her his benediction and message: "Go thou, my child, go. Tread thou the path shown by that Great Soul who was the very embodiment of compassion and sacrificed himself for others in five hundred lives before he attained the status of the Buddha."

During that summer the Swamiji stated for Almora in the Himalayas, taking with him Nivedita and other disciples. During the journey the party looked like a moving guru-kula; for it was a regular cycle of instruction, discourse and meditation, right through.

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