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Margaret at first remarked that there was nothing new in what the Swamiji had said. But in her own heart of hearts she knew that it was not so. The sayings of the Swamiji kept returning to her mind and haunted her. "God alone is the truth," he had asserted. This assertion might not be new, but the Swamiji's conviction was indeed quite new. And he had made another assertion: "Every religion is a highway to God." And the radiance of his personality! There seemed to be a veritable halo about him. He had given up everything for god., His sayings were not mere repetitions from books. They were living words, which sprang from the depths of his soul, charged with the Truth he had seen and experienced.

Margaret came more and more under the spell of Swami Vivekananda. Now like a thunderbolt blasting its way along and burning up centuries of superstition, and now like a chisel chipping away at the ages-old darkness of ignorance; now like the mantras of a great guru awakening the soul of his disciple from its sloth and torpor, and now the mystic sayings of a realised souls sweeping away all the doubts of his disciple. Now like the sincere,frank advice of a devotedcomrade and now like the tender comfort of an affectionate mother, the Swamiji's galvanizing words welled up from the depths of his soul. It was his flaming virtue, the glowing purity of his spirit, that had captured her heart and turned her into a servant of his country for his sake, she wrote later.

One day, in midst of his discourse, the Swamiji said in a thundering voice: "What the world needs to-day is twenty men and women who dare stand in the public street and declare that they have nothing to call their own except the God. Who is there among you that can say so?"

Margaret's heart seemed to whisper, 'Here I am! But her tongue was yet too timid to utter those words. One day, speaking about the woman of India, the Swamiji said, "Our girls over there have not even seen the face of a school. That land of ours cannot advance unless they are educated." Then, turning at once towards Margaret, he said, "I have certain plans relating to the education and the welfare of the women of my country. I believe that you can be of great service to me in translating them into reality."

Margaret felt overwhelmed by the Swamiji's faith in her. Yet she had misgivings whether she was equal to such a mighty task. Sensing her mind, the Swamiji reassured her: "You have the making in you of a world-mover, and others will also come…Awake, awake, great one!"

Margaret took the heroic resolve to leave her own dear homeland and make the Swamiji's far-off homeland her own, and render her utmost service there.

You can be of great Service to me
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