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Spirit Of Adventure

Jagadishchandra Bose had to face a number of difficulties and problems in his life. But he never lost courage. His thinking was clear, even in the most adverse situations. This was seen even in his very early years. When he was only five, he used to go to school on horseback. Once there was a local horse race. Young Jagadishchandra was also there to watch the race. Somebody s-aid, "Why don 't you also ride?" The horse should be bridled and the rider should have stirrups, to ride. But young Jagadishchandra's horse was not even bridled. There were no stirrups. Yet he patted the horse and away the horse galloped. The boy's legs were bruised and blood flowed. But the rider and the animal completed one full circle on the racetrack. So young and brave, he was the centre of appreciation.

There was another hazardous ride he undertook early in his youth. He had gone out hunting on horseback. While returning he had an attack of fever. He was all alone. The horse he was riding was rather a troublemaker. He started to run at full gallop. There used to be a bridge on the way. But the floods had washed away this bridge. Jagadishchandra's horse was heading for this broken bridge. Jagadish chandra was very weak because of the fever. But at the very last moment he pulled the bridle very hard. The horse changed his course and crossed the stream on another bridge nearby.

Dr.J.C.Bose - The Great biologist who showed that plants, too, can 'feel' in their own way.
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