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Sarabhai's Hopes and Views

Even when the study of atomic energy was still in its early stages, Dr. Homi Bhabha dreamt a dream. He dreamt of an India, which did not depend on foreign countries for experts. He wanted India to have her own specialists in every field. For this purpose, he established several organizations and research institutes. Vikram Sarabhai also had his dream. That was to use atomic energy for a variety of purposes - for the development of agriculture and industry, for communication satellites, for national integration and the promotion of literacy, for weather forecast and for exploration of mineral wealth etc. To his last breath he worked for the realization of this dream.

It is possible to produce atomic energy independently with our own knowledge, machines, equipment and men. To do so we must have our own heavy water factory and nuclear fuel manufacturing plant. That was his great desire and he took the first steps to establish these factories. But he did not live to see their completion.

A nation's progress and prosperity depend on how well the people use science and technical knowledge for development purposes. Only by the planned use of the fundamental sciences, technical    knowledge and industrial experience can there be rapid economic development. Before harnessing our natural wealth and
resources, we should gather enough capital, give good training to our young men and women and produce great scientists. We should find out the needs of the country and prepare a technical plan to produce them. This planning should not take too much time. We should learn the most advanced and new research
techniques from all parts of the world. At the same time, we should encourage the growth of such research techniques in our own country. This was Sarabhai'sapproach to the progress of India.

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