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The Regime of the Sons

If the king gives up his kingdom and goes away, others must take up his responsibilities.

Vrishabhanatha made his eldest son Bharatha the King of Ayodhya. He decided that Bahubali was to rule in Paudanapura. Vrishabhanatha gave smaller kingdoms to each of his other sons. He gave them this advice : "Rule justly and righteously Look after the welfare of your subjects with affection. And earn a good name." He blessed them all, gave up everything and went away to begin his tapas or meditation for the attainment of salvation.

His sons took up the responsibilities of their several kingdoms. Hadn't they been trained by Vrishabhanatha? So they ruled well and wisely. They lived in wealth and grandeur. The subjects were happy, cheerful and contented.

Many years passed.

One day Bharatha was on his throne in the royal court. Glad tidings came to him - that his father Vrishabhanatha had received 'Kevala Jnana' (the supreme knowledge that can see all and understand all). Just then another messenger ran in and gave another bit of happy news - which a potent missile had appeared in the king's armory. Bharatha was delighted and also astonished.

The discus or 'Chakra' was an extraordinary weapon. The supernatural power of this 'Chakra-ratna' would conquer any enemy, however strong. Its appearance was a good sign indicating that Bharatha would become an emperor.

Along with it certain other unique objects of great power also appeared in the royal armory. These were the 'Chatra-ratna', a great umbrella which would give protection to the army against ferocious storms, heavy rains and the burning sun; the 'Charmaratna' or the magic boat which would enable the army to cross rivers or the ocean in its march for conquest; the 'Danda-ratna', a magic staff which could easily make a road for the army through forests and hills ; and also the 'Kakini-ratna', the gem of gems, which could give very bright light even when it was pitch dark. In addition the king received the fourteen 'bests', like the best horse and the best elephant, each of unequalled excellence in its class. He also received the nine treasures. His was indeed great fortune!

Even as the news of the appearance of these great objects in his armory was brought to him, the king received the happy news of the birth of a son. The King's joy was boundless.

Bharatha who had reached the pinnacle of happiness, first went to visit his father who had acquired the supreme knowledge. People had thronged in large numbers to worship Vrishabhanatha. All the sons and daughters of Vrishabhanatha went there, and worshipped him with devotion. He spoke to them of the path of virtue. They listened to him in reverence and returned happily.

Soon after his return, Bharatha celebrated the occasion of giving his son a name. Then he worshipped with devotion the extraordinary and potent missile, the 'Chakra-ratna'.

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