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'Brother, Give Up Self-love'

Bharatha was now very perplexed that despite such severe tapas, Bahubali did not receive enlightenment. He went to his father Vrishabhanatha and asked him why it was so.

Vrishabhahatha said, "True it is that Bahubali ' has been performing the most exacting type of tapas. But he has not given up his self-love. He still has this thought - that he is standing on ground, which belongs to his brother, because he gave the entire kingdom to you, his elder brother. This sorrow haunts him. If he does not give up this pride, how can he get enlightenment?"

Bharatha then went to Bahubali. He prostrated before him and said, "Dear brother, give up this feeling that you are in my kingdom. Such a thought, too, is a kind of attachment. This kingdom is not mined. It is what you, the victor, gave back to me liberally. In a way this earth does not belong to anybody; it is nobody's property. Please renounce this thought of prestige, and continue the tapas."

Then, even the little thought of self in Bahubali's mind disappeared.

Once, earlier, the younger brother had destroyed the pride in the elder brother's mind. Now the elder cleansed the mind of the younger.

Bahubali continued his meditation without this thought of self. Then he got enlightenment. There was the glad sound of celestial drums. The people all praised Bahubali's greatness. They worshipped him with devotion. Listening to his teachings, they felt happy.

Bahubali went to many lands and taught people the way of righteousness. He showed them the way to lead meaningful lives. Finally, this ideal man attained salvation earlier than his father.

Bahubali, who was very valiant and full of self-love, could have himself become the emperor, having crushed his elder brother's pride. But he returned the kingdom to his brother. And he found out the true path for himself. He became a splendid soul, attaining salvation. He illumined the darkness in the minds of men with the light of his knowledge. He became a great saint praised by the whole world.

Emperor Bharatha wished that such a brother's fame should last for all time; he had a statue of Bahubali made of emerald in Paudanapura. It was worshipped with great grandeur.

It is said that the statue has sunk in the sea. There are statues of Bahubali now at Shravanabelagola,Venooru, Karkala, Shravanagudda, Bastihalli and Dharmasthala. The tallest and the most important is the magnificent statue at Shravanabelagola.The story of the installation of this image is interesting.

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This kingdom is not mine.  It is what you, the victor, gave me
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