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Bharatha's Quest of Victory

The celebrations all ended, now. Bharatha resolved to march forth with his army to subdue other kings. He was himself a mighty warrior. And now he had so many unique acquisitions giving him tremendous power. Who could oppose him? Victory was just in the palm of his hand. All preparations were completed for the conquests. His entire army consisting of the infantry, the cavalry, the chariots and the elephants got ready. Before he set out, Bharatha worshipped the Lord and received blessings. The sound of the war-drums rent the air.

The King ascended his mighty chariot and set out to defeat all the kings. The army was huge like the ocean, and seemed to occupy all the earth. And all faces were bright with enthusiasm.

The 'Chakra-ratna' rolled on and the army followed it. The army first marched towards the east.

Bharatha's march was a garland of victories. Powerful kings like Magadha, Vijayardhakumara and Kritamala were defeated and they surrendered. Bharatha knew no defeat. All the monarchs who opposed him had to accept defeat, and to surrender, and offer Bharatha precious stones and other gifts and. tributes. The huge army marched on and on with resounding cries of victory.

Bharatha, who conquered all other monarchs of the world, became an emperor. Thus, with the help of the great 'Chakraratna', he marched from victory to victory and was now near the end of his journey. The victorious army with its joyful shouts proceeded towards Ayodhya.

And Bharatha thought 'Never before had there been a powerful king like me. There is none now to equal me, and there will never be one. Who can oppose me? I am verily the unquestioned emperor of all the earth!’

This thought gave rise to another: 'my name should live eternally in the minds of men. I must therefore have it carved on Mount Vrishabhachala. People of all ages should know that there was never another monarch like me.'

On the way he came to Mount Vrishabhachala. He wanted to have his name carved on it; but Bharatha found that there was no blank space at all on that huge and lofty mountain;

Before him had come and gone many thousands of emperors in this world. All of them had their histories recorded on this mount, each thinking that he was an unequalled king. The entire mountain was full of the stories of their conquests.

Bharatha had thought that there never had been, and there could never be another emperor as powerful, valiant and as great as he was. But he now saw that numberless were the emperors who had lived and paraded their glory like him! Vrishabhachala stood a witness to all their empty vanities. Bharatha now felt ashamed of his earlier pride and arrogance.

Still the desire to have his history carved persisted in him. So he had some of the earlier writings erased by means of his potent staff, the 'Danda-ratna', and using the great diamond 'Kakini-ratna' had the grand story of his conquests recorded in that space.

Then he went to his father Vrishabhanatha. He worshipped him and obtained his blessings. Finally he returned to the capital with all the gaiety of victory.

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