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But Why So?

Great was the joy and excitement of Bharatha's subjects. The citizens made befitting preparations to welcome the victorious king and awaited his return. The sound of musical instruments filled the air.

Bharatha and his army were about to enter the portals of the city. But lo! The 'Chakra-ratna' which had all along been moving in advance, suddenly stopped!

Everyone was stunned. Princes and kings had trembled before this matchless weapon. It had so easily vanquished so many heroes unequalled till then. But now all of a sudden it had came to a dead stop! Everybody was bewildered. And Bharatha's mind was filled with anxiety and worry.

It was clear that there was still a rival whom he had not conquered. 'I have conquered the whole world; who then is this unknown foe? He asked himself perplexed. The Emperor who had known no defeat was stunned.

Bharatha had defeated all the enemies outside his kingdom. Still if the Chakra stopped outside the city, it naturally meant that there were enemies within.

Bharatha at once sent for the priest of his royal court and asked him, "Why has this 'Chakra-ratna' stopped at the gates of the city, though I have conquered all my foes in the world? Who is this enemy in my own kingdom?"

The priest pondered for a while and replied, "0 great King, with this all powerful wheel, any enemy can be subdued. No enemy has survived outside your kingdom. If there are any, they must be your own brothers. They think, 'We got our kingdom from our father just as Bharatha got his. We are in our kingdom. Why then should we bow to him?’ And of all of them, Bahubali has a strong sense of self-respect. He thinks that though you have become the emperor, he need not care, and is proud."

Hearing this, Bharatha could not contain his wrath. He shouted, "They must all come and surrender to me. Or else I shall show my strength in war." At once he had royal commandments written and sent to all his brothers. 'Everyone should come and surrender to me. Any one who fails should be prepared to fight' - so read the royal order.

All the one hundred brothers of Bharatha received his writ. Ninety-nine of them thought -'Of course, we can salute our eldest brother, who is like our father. But we cannot accept him as an emperor and be his vassals.' But the thought also came to them:

'Why fight with our own eldest brother for the sake of a kingdom?' They became disgusted with life. They gave up everything and went away to perform tapas with their father.

The news reached Bharatha. He was surprised. But in his heart he was full of admiration for their self-respect and their greatness. But there was one thought, which brought anxiety also. If these other brothers acted so, what about Bahubali ? He was strong, and had a strong sense of selfrespect. Would he surrender? Most certainly he would choose to fight!

Bharatha's expectation was not belied.

The messenger who went to Paundanapura met Bahubali. Bahubali's raidance surpassed that of Bharatha. With wonder and pleasure, the messenger prostrated before him, and then gave him Bharatha's message.

Until then Bahubali had been hearing of the valiant deeds of his brother Bharatha, and had been very happy. Bull the royal command brought by the messenger filled him with anger.

He said to the messenger, "Even if Bharatha is the Emperor of the entire world, he is not my overlord. Being in my kingdom, given to me by my father, I am not obliged to him. I can never be his humble vassal. I am ready for a war, if a war is forced on me."

The messenger carried the reply Bharatha.

Bharatha ordered his army to get ready for war. His entire army with its four wings marched on Paudanapura. As the huge army advanced with the potent 'Chakra' in the forefront the very sky was totally covered with the dust it raised.

The news of Bharatha's march reached Paudanapura. Bahuball also stood ready for war with his army. The two armies seemed poised to pounce on each other for mutual destruction.

The fight was about to commence. But meanwhile the wise and farsighted ministers of both sides met and had consultations. Bharatha and Bahubali were both unequalled heroes. If there was a war, neither could win until both the armies were entirely destroyed. If only the two brothers fought a duel accepting the outcome as decisive a terrible tragedy could be averted.

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I can never be his humble vassal.  I am ready for a war, if a war is forced on me
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