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The Dream and the Image

Rachamalla of Ganga Dynasty was the King of Talavanapura.

Chavundaraya, his Prime Minister, was very intelligent, very brave and heroic, and devoted to God.

His mother was Kalaladevi and fat Mahabalaiah.

Once Kalaladevi heard from the priest a discourse on Sharatha and Bahubali. From the discourse it seemed that the emerald image of Bahubali which was got made by Emperor Bharatha was perhaps still in Paudanapura. She felt a keen desire to see that image. She vowed that she would not drink even a cup of milk until she saw the image.

Thousands of years had passed since Bharatha had that icon sculptured. Both the icon and Paudanapura had disappeared.

Even if they existed, there was no one who had seen them. People  Said that they had become submerged in the sea or were perthaps in the midst of thick jungles full of fierce animals, where no human being could go. How could he get at that idol? Chavundaraya was worried. But Kalaladevi would not listen. Whatever the difficulties, she was determined to see that idol.

At last, Chavundaraya started with his mother and a few followers to find Paudanapura and satisfy his mother’s desire. There seemed no end to their journey. They could not find Paudanapura.

After a long journey, they came across a hill by name Chandragiri. They halted at the foot of the hill, and lay down to rest.

That night Chavundaraya had a dream.

A supernatural being by the name of Kushmandinidevi appeared to him in the dream. She said to him, "Human beings cannot see again the Bahubali idol got prepared by Bharatha, however hard they may try. Even Paudanapura will not be found. Instead of all this, if you stand just here on the hill and shoot a golden arrow at the peak of the Indragiri hill opposite, you can see Lord Bahubali."

At once Chavundraya did as he was asked to. He picked up his bow and arrow, aimed straight at the top boulder on Indragiri and shot the arrow. With a terrible sound, the huge stone split into two. Between the parts was a magnificent figure of Bahubali.

And what a beautiful statue!

But at that moment Chavundaraya woke up. When he opened his eyes there was nothing before him. He rubbed his eyes, and looked all round.

No, there was nothing. There was no Goddess, and no statue. It had all been a dream. Chavundaraya became very sad. ‘How nice it would have  been if the dream were a reality!' he thought.

He narrated everything to his mother in the morning. All of them looked at Indragiri. There on the peak was a huge boulder, as in his dream. 'How wonderful it would be if I shot an arrow and the Lord appeard!' he thought. But how was it possible?

But soon the meaning of the dream was clear - that the figure of Lord Bahubali should ' be carved out of that same huge stone.

But, how could one go near that boulder? All around was the thickest forest. The place was full of pits and ravines, stones and thorny shrubs. How to cross all these? It looked impossible. But Chavundaraya did not lose heart. He determined that his mother's wish should be fulfilled at any cost. He resolved that whatever the difficulties, a statue of Bahubali should be sculptured there.

The people around came forward to help, and the work began. The pits and ravines were closed. Stones and shrubs were removed. Thus with great difficulty a path was cut to go upto the top of Indragiri.

And then, the statue had to be carved out of that boulder. Hundreds of sculptors from different parts of the country were invited by Chavundaraya. The boulder was piously worshipped by one and all. The work of sculpturing began at an auspicious time. Everyone worked day and night. It was extremely difficult to carry on the work in that jungle and amidst wild rocks. However, God's blessings strengthened human effort and a figure, such as Chavundaraya had seen in his dream, finally took shape.

A lofty and majestic statue of great beauty, fifty-seven feet high. A gentle smile on the face, and broad shoulders. Creepers with blossoms encircling the hands and feet. Tall ant-hills around the feet, and snakes peeping out of them. Such was the matchless statue, which took shape.

Chavunclaraya was proud that he had got such a beautiful figure carved. Kalaladevi was very happy that her wish was fulfilled. People gazed and gazed on the statue but could never feel satisfied. They danced with joy.

Chavundaraya's dream had come true. Lord Bahubali whom he had seen in his dream now stood before his eyes.

Millions of people gathered to see that magnificent figure. Every one praised that great wonder. Chavunclaraya now felt proud that he had accomplished what no one had been able to do before him.

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