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The Guru's Promise

Drona had developed a special affection towards Arjuna. He was pleased at the extraordinary interest Arjuna evinced in his training.

There was a king named Drupada who also had learnt archery with Drona. He had learnt archery with Drona. He had promised Drona that would help him when he assumed throne. But later when the poor Dronacharya went to see, him, the king dismissed him saying 'Do you think a king can keep friendship with a wretched person like you?'

Dronacharya was enraged and retorted: 'remember this! Some day one of my disciple will bring you to me bound like a slave!' Since then, this one thought was constantly nagging in the Acharya's mind.

Drona called in his disciples and told them- "Sons, I am fulfilling the onerous responsibility of training you. I am sure all of you will meet with expected success. I have a desire to be fulfilled. You should accomplish it after your training is completed. Will you promise?'

The princes stood in silence before their tutor listening to his words. After a while, Arjuna felt that it was not proper for them not to respond to their Master. Should they remain silent at Drona's plea? Were they cowards? Rushing forward, Arjuna said: "0 Master, should you’re asking us thus? Your word is law to us. Whatever may be your wish, I shall fulfil it."

Dronacharya felt happy to discover a pupil of his heart's desire. His affection flowed forth towards Arjuna, 'I will train you to be unmatched in the world', and he promised him.

Another incident. Once when Drona and the princes were having their dinner, the light was suddenly extinguished by a drought of wind. The darknessencouraged Arjuna to ponder thus: 'now, in this darkness, our eyes cannot spot our hands or mouth. And yet the hand with food is correctly moving towards the mouth. This is the result of our practice. So, if we have thorough practice, even in darkness we can hit our target.' No sooner was the meal over, than he rushed out, and startedtarget practice in the dark.

Drona was pleased with his dedication.

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Ekalavya - He worshipped an idol of his 'Guru' and mastered archery and presented his thumb as fee to him.
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