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"You Too are My Disciple"

Even before entering the city, Ekalavya sighted -the master on the outskirts. Drona was giving early lessons in archery to the princes. Ekalavya hesitated to go to him while the class was in progress. He waited near-by and watched.

Disciples surrounded Drona. He would teach each boy in an easily comprehen- sible manner. He would show them how to stand erect, on which leg one should rest more bodyweight, how to position the hands and fingers, how to position the arrow and mount the arrow, how to concentrate upon the object, how and to what extent one should draw the thread, when to release the arrow. And he would demonstrate to them all these things vividly and in detail. He would watch a boy send forward an arrow and show him where he was right and where he went wrong. The practice would continue.

Ekalavya was all eyes and ears as he watched this class with fascination. He was gripped with a new sensation, as he learnt new things about archery. 'Oh! What a master He can turn even a novice into an expert! And how easy it is to understand his teaching!' he told himself.

He remembered the counseling of his mother. At an opportune moment he met Acharya Drona. He prostrated before him totally surrendering himself to the Master. Drona was touched by the humility of this boy from the woods, stretched his arms to raise him, and blessed him. Ekalavya introduced himself. When the Master learnt of the boy's mighty desire, a sympathetic chord struck in his heart.

But engaged as he was in teaching the princes, he had no time to accept other students. He was also worried how he could teach. a jungle-boy along with the princes.

Drona decided against keeping the boy with him there, and told him, 'Son, it will not be difficult for you to learn this art. You are a born archer. Go back to the forest and practise well and with deep interest. You too are my disciple.'

Drona's words them were a great blessing to Ekalavya. He felt confident that the Masters good wishes were with him. Again prostrating before Drona, he sought his blessings, 'Sir, I will act as you have instructed. Please bless me that my practice will bear fruit.' 'Go, son, may you master archery as you wish!' Drona said,

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Ekalavya - He worshipped an idol of his 'Guru' and mastered archery and presented his thumb as fee to him.
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