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Who will be the Guru?

Ekalavya's mother, noticing her son's restlessness, asked him one evening: 'Son, why are you worried so much now-a-days?'

'Nothing to worry, mother'

'No. no. There is something which is worrying you very much, Can't you say what it is even to me?'

'There is nothing, which I have to hide from you, mother I only I do not wish to unnecessarily add to your worries. Look, our dear caives, deer, etc., are becoming game to the big cruel wild animals. We can kill a wolf if we can sight it. But often it will have made its kill and run away before we could see it, mother. Shoot wolf! But how to master archery to that extent? Which Master shall I turn to? This has been my worry.'

The mother in fact felt glad when she heard these words. She was pleased to learn of her son's concern for the harmless animals in the forest. She also felt sympathetic that her son, who was without a kill the unseen father, should take upon himself such an obligation at such a young age.

She said: 'Ekalavya, heard of Dronacharya?'

'No, who is he?

'If you want to shoot at the wolves unseen, you should become his disciple to achieve the prowess you desire.'

'Where is he, mother? Tell me. I will become his disciple', Ekalavya exclaimed with pleasure and anticipation.

'He is in Hastinavati teaching archery to the princes of Bharata clan. He is the 'guru' to the Kauravas who are the sons of emperor Dhritarashtra and their relatives. You have heard of Bhishmacharya, son of Gangadevi. It is said none can match him in battle. He was the person who suggested That Dronacharya should teach archery to the Kaurava princes. Drona's fame has spread far and wide and many princes from various other states also go to him for training.'

'How did Bhishmacharya discover Dronacharya?'

'He himself came to Hastinavati. He had learnt archery from his father sage Bharadwaja, besides being a disciple of Parashurama. It is said that persons matching.

Dronacharya in the art of wielding the bow and arrow are rare in the world. It appears he was very poor; and in the course of travels he came to Hastinavati. Bhishma heard about him. There is an interesting story about this also.' And she narrated that story.

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