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The Next Course

No sooner did they return to Hastinavati than Arjuna rushed to Dronacharya. His face was red and his eyes showed his anxiety. He explained to the Master what transpired in the forest and lamented: "A hunter-boy has gained superiority over me. 0 Master, he boasts that you are his 'Guru'. How can this be possible? What about your promise to me?"

Dronacharya was perplexed: He remained silent for a while. He could guess what really happened. He was caught between two foremost disciples, both dear to him.

Dronacharya was actually pleased at the enterprise of this disciple who stayed in the forest and had mastered the art of archery relying only upon the name of the Guru. '0, what an adventurous boy! What determination! Anybody should appreciate his capabilities when he could wield the bow and arrow so well as to humble Arjuna', Drona thought and felt happy within himself. He was very pleased at Ekalavya's devotion to the Master and thirst for acquiring a thorough training. He decided to show Arjuna the real qualities of Ekalavya.

And Drona also came to a painful decision in relation to his obligation as the teacher to the princes. 'God, Thy will be done', he prayed and set about his task.

Accompanied by Arjuna and Ashwatthama, he proceeded to Ekalavya's forest.

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Ekalavya - He worshipped an idol of his 'Guru' and mastered archery and presented his thumb as fee to him.
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