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Who is This Expert Archer?

The Kaurava and Pandava princes once went to the forest on a hunting expedition. Their leading dog was running forward. Ekalavya, dressed in a tiger-skin and wearing strings of conch- beads, was engaged in his practice. The dog, on approaching him, began to bark. Probably wishing to show off his workmanship, he sent down a series of arrows in the direction of the barking dog and the arrows filled its mouth. It ran back to the princes. They were astonished at this expertise in archery and wondered who the archer was.

Arjuna, seeing this, was not only surprised but felt anxious too. He wanted to be recognized as the world's foremost archer. His fame was spreading across many states.

Now witnessing an instance of this extraordinary prowess, he was concerned that there may be another strong contender for that superior position.

The princes went in pursuit of the archer who had hit their dog, and saw Ekalavya.

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Ekalavya cut offhis right thumb with an arrow from his left hand in an instant
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