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Sita is worried

Kusha and Lava were ready to return to their mother. Just then Lava said, "Brother, one or two in this army may be awake. Let us drag them to our mother." Kusha agreed. Hearing this, Hanumanta told Jambavanta, "Look, these boys are going to take us to Sitadevi. That should cause no worry. She will certainly protect us." It happened just like that. Lava heard the two of them talking. He went to them, and tying them up, dragged them with him. With them and with the jewels, Lava and Kusha returned to the hermitage.

Sita was in great anxiety, as the children had not returned for such a long time. The boys who now came back went to her and gave her the bundle of ornaments. The boys made the two, whom they had dragged thither, prostrate at their mother's feet. Sita was stunned to see Hanumanta and Jambavanta! And the ornaments were all of Rama, Lakshmana Bharata and Shatrughna! Her heart seemed to stop. She told her children, "Alas! What have you done! Why do we need these ornaments of kings? These monkey heroes are great beings. Why did you shame them thus? Release them at once."

The two boys could not understand why their mother was pained. They took back Hanumanta and Jambavanta. Sita tearfully lamented, "What now? 0, that all this should have happened just when Valmiki is not here! What should I do now?"

And lo! It was Valmiki who was returning to the ashram. He went straight to Sita. He consoled her saying, "Mother, pray, don't weep. I know all. All that has happened is for the good. I shall set everything right."

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