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Happy Ending

The sage Valmiki proceeded to the battlefield with Kusha and Lava. Consecrating with sacred spells the water in the vessel he carried, he sprinkled that water on all the persons lying on the ground. All of them at once got up as if from sleep. All of them prostrated at Valmiki's feet. The sage made Lava and Kusha prostrate before Rama. Then he said, "0 great king, you are very kind-hearted. You always protect those who come to you in need. Please do not be angry. These boys are your own sons. They are born to Sitadevi. They have now committed a big mistake, when I was not in the hermitage. You must pardon them."

Rama asked Lakshmana, "Brother, did you not leave Sita in the forest?"

"Yes, I did. But I don't know what happened later," replied Lakshmana.

Then Valmiki clarified: "While in the jungle, by God's grace she was seen by me. I took her to my hermitage. There she gave birth to these twin children. I taught the Vedas and archery to them."

Valmiki sent Lava and Kusha to the hermitage and had the Veena brought. As asked by their preceptor, the boys sang the Ramayana to the accompaniment of the Veena. Their singing was so sweet, as if the goddess of music was herself there. They recited the Ramayana from the beginning to the end. Rama, his brothers and the retinue listened to it with rapt attention, forgetting themselves. Rama's joy was boundless. He said to Lakshmana, "Brother, in voice and speech, shape and beauty, these boys resemble to Sita." Lakshmana smiled and replied, it Brother, they are surely your sons. Otherwise how could they get such strength as to defeat you? Please accept them."

Rama called the two boys to him. They went to him gladly. Rama drew them near and embraced them. All the people around were happy. Rama told Valmiki, "Sir, I will take these boys with me. I have now accepted Sita back. Please send her to Ayodhya."

Rama started back to return to Ayodhya. Sage Valmiki bade him farewell and returned to his hermitage. The chariot sent by Rama arrived at the hermitage. Valmiki himself accompanied Sita to Ayodhya in that chariot. There Sita and Rama were rejoined in union. They ruled happily as king and queen, with Kusha and Lava.

The whole world sang of the glory of Rama and Sita.

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