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"Rama's Words Must Be Obeyed"

Lakshmana brought his chariot and stationed it at the door of Sita's palace. Sita had just then got up and was at her prayers. "Why Lakshmana, you have come so early!" she said. Lakshmana in reply asked, "Mother, why did you desire to go to the hermitages?"

Sita did not understand him fully. She felt very happy that her desire was being fulfilled. She thought, 'How much Rama loves me! How good he is! How quickly he fulfills my wishes!' Her joy and elation were boundless. To take with her she made a package of turmeric powder, vermilion, bangles, blouses, sarees and and other auspicious articles to be presented to the wives of sages. Thus Sita and Lakshmana started.

After a while the cl~ariot reached the bank of the Ganga. Beyond the river were the hermitages. Lakshmana stopped his chariot and unyoking the horses, tied them elsewhere. With the help of boatmen both of them crossed the river. Then they began to walk. The Sun's heat was becoming more and more severe. Lakshmana was tired carrying the heavy package Sita had brought. The delicate Sita had to walk on stones and thorns, and her feet bled painfully.

When they were in the middle of the jungle, Lakshmana said, "Mother, I am a sinner, a cheat. I have brought you here to leave you in the forest. It seems some washer man said something bad about you. So Rama has ordered me to abandon you in the jungle. You are the very peesonification of virtue; but I have to perform this wicked deed of leaving you in the wilderness. You must pardon me."

As Sita heard his words, her eyes became dark. As a banana stem laden with fruit falls down to the ground in a storm, Sita collapsed unconscious. Seeing that, Lakshmana's mind was in turmoil. With fearful eyes he lifted his hands to the sky in supplication saying, "God, what suffering have you ordained for Sita who is like my mother! You only must help her." When Sita regained consciousness she said, "My boy Lakshmana, all this is the result of my sins. None else is responsible for this. When the all-merciful Rama renounces me, who else can help? You have only done his bidding. I must also obey Rama's behest. You may now go back. Convey my salutations to everyone in Ayodhya." Still weeping, Lakshmana said, "Mother, I shall return" and went back to Ayodhya.

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